FIW SHORT CUTS: 29/06/15

FIW SHORT CUTS: curating a whole week’s worth of your film intake in the space of a few short paragraphs.

it follows film still

Words: Brody Rossiter
Twitter: @BrodyRossiter

OUT THIS WEEK: It Follows (DVD & Blu-ray)

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to discuss It Follows in-depth via one of the journalistic outlets I frequent (I think of them as local bars in which I’m not entirely welcome), nevertheless, in my opinion, it’s an unrelenting and thoroughly menacing horror flick that captivates with its masterful use of many filmmaking tools. Throwback 80’s mise-en-scene; beautiful, style conscious female leads that are not just strong and wise but often scarily manipulative; a sinister synth-led soundtrack – all are freakin’ awesome. On the downside there are copious amounts of untamed pubic hair on display, but hey, you can’t win ’em all.

It Follows OST

#NowListening: Distasterpiece – It Follows OST

Obviously the aforementioned discordant awesomeness of that Disasterpiece score should not go unnoticed nor unheard.


WHO TO FOLLOW: Clarisse Loughrey –  @clarisselou

Film criticism doesn’t have to always be long, arduous, and overflowing with technical jargon. Instead, introduce yourself to Clarisse Loughrey’s concise, informed and charmingly comedic, “That Darn Movie Show”, which is now being beamed to your various media devices via Little White Lies.

Lost River Large


Ryan Gosling’s divisive, dark fairy-tale, Lost River, is a visually electrifying, but, in the eyes of many, hollow directorial debut. The DVD release (a Blu-ray version is unavailable in the UK) is currently £5 at Amazon UK*, offering the  perfect, cost-effective opportunity to decide for yourself.

Kumiko Treasure Hunter Large 3

WILD CARD: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

The loneliness of a long-distance treasure hunter is explored through distressingly sombre storytelling and startlingly beautiful visuals that span Japanese metropolises and desolate Midwestern plains. The Zellner Brothers’ picture is also out on DVD/Blu-ray this week, so after you’ve embraced the rampant fear and paranoia of It Follows, you can cry yourself to sleep with Kumiko and her tragic tale. Here’s what I thought when the film was released in cinemas.

If you would like to curate your own week of FIW SHORT CUTS, get in touch! 

 *Price correct at time of publication.

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