The Art of the Jungle Book Review


Welcome to the Jungle

by Brody Rossiter


With Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book currently enchanting cinematic audiences with its critically acclaimed application of visual effects, what better way to fully explore the enchanting world displayed upon the big screen than by delving deep into the source material which inspired all the captivating action.

Titan Books rarely put a foot wrong, or rather, place a page out of place, when it comes to constructing their companion movie art books. The moment you pick up the weighty hardback and run your fingers across its glossy sleeve the quality is evident. The large dimensions of the pages, perfectly showcase the intricate sketches and vivid paintings that would later come to life onscreen.

When a film is so dependent upon visual effects – and integrates them so seamlessly – it’s truly interesting to discover just how much work went into crafting and implementing the collective vision of those involved with the picture. It quickly becomes apparent why The Jungle Book was such a success through Titan and author Ellen Wolff’s exhibition of the many lovingly produced behind the scenes materials used for reference by the filmmakers.

Concept art, set photography and CG designs delve into the contemporary representations of the classic piece of fiction, presenting the piecing together of beloved character such as Baloo, to the vibrant Jungle itself. A lavish and thoughtfully assembled record, The Art of the Jungle Book is a lavish and magical journey into one of this year’s most engaging, inventive and memorable motion pictures.

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