31 Days of Fear: Night of the Living Deb


Love Bites

by Brody Rossiter

Starring Maria Thayer as the eponymous heroine, Night of the Living Deb begins by highlighting the socially dysfunctional redhead’s distinct lack of chill when it comes to courting members of the opposite sex.

Following a trip to the bar with her best friend that turns into White Russian fuelled night, Deb inexplicably awakens in the bed of handsome environmentalist, Ryan (Michael Cassidy). Fans of peerless mid-noughties teen drama The O.C. will recognise Cassidy as Summer’s long suffering suitor, Zach.

Despite her initial pleasure at the fact that her drunken night was spent “gettin’ some”, Deb quickly realises she was nothing but a rebound hook-up for Ryan following his recent breakup spoilt girlfriend, Stacy (YouTuber Syd Wilder). After Deb is kicked out of Ryan’s apartment and the pair go their separate ways, it doesn’t take them long to discover that the steaming coffee houses, ice-cool ice cream parlours and picturesque red brick boulevards of Portland, Maine are overrun by flesh-eating zombie hordes. Despite the exceedingly awkward beginning to their relationship, Deb and Ryan must work together to escape the encroaching apocalypse while also saving their loved ones.

Self-aware, filled with highly endearing characters, who are played by especially likeable actors – none more so than lead star Maria Thayer – Night of the Living Deb is an effortless and fun-loving genre mix-up that trumps pictures with similar intentions thanks to its vast amount of heart and brains (Mmm…Brains!).

There are very few reasons not to watch this wonderfully eclectic horror comedy from Director Kyle Rankin. The romance feels authentic in spite of the far-fetched narrative, the risqué humour is intelligent and cutting as opposed to dumb and lazy, and the picture is technically very accomplished. If you’re looking for some alternative horror-infused romantic viewing, get ready to fall for Deb and her fight for survival.

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