31 Days Of Fear: The Cell


All In The Mind

by Brody Rossiter


Starring Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn & Vincent D’Onofrio, The Cell offers a visually stunning journey into the mind of a disturbed and deeply tortured serial killer.

After abducting his innocent female victims, Carl Stargher locks them inside the confines of “The Cell”, a watertight glass chamber in which he slowly drowns them before conducting a grim post-mortem ritual.  After Stargher snatches his latest victim, Agent Peter Novak begins to close in on him. However, before an arrest can be made, the killer suddenly suffers a violent episode which plunges him in a coma. Unable to communicate with the murderer, the FBI must find another means of discovering the whereabouts of the missing woman before she suffers same fate as those before her.

Enter Catherine Deane, a child therapist who, due to breakthrough technology, has been entering the minds of her patients as a means of treating their inner demons. Now she must face her most unsettling patient yet and descend into Stargher’s psyche with the hope of discovering his victims location back in reality.

Stargher’s mind is a startling landscape of peep show windowfronts, opulent golden palaces and twisted glimpses into his abusive childhood – Director Tarsem Singh’s signature visual flair is revealed in all its spectacular glory. Deane quickly identifies a possible ally within this distressing world, and must earn their trust to uncover the secrets within.

The Cell’s plot is eclipsed by its arresting visuals, and Lopez’ lead performance lacks a degree of impact, however alongside Vaughn, the pair provide an engaging detective duo to contend with Vincent D’Onofrio’s operatic villain. Singh’s grandiose approach to the crime genre still remains unmatched, and an unoriginal premise suddenly propels itself into new and remarkable territory.

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