31 Days Of Fear: Train To Busan


Zombies On A Train

by Brody Rossiter


When a zombie outbreak rapidly tears through South Korea, a group of passengers find sanctuary upon a bullet train from Seoul to Busan. Unfortunately, the journey quickly goes off the rails as the infection grips hold of the carriages, forcing the few remaining survivors aboard to battle a growing horde of the living dead.

After thrilling Korean audiences, Director Yeon Sang-ho’s live-action debut quickly became one of 2016’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed horror pictures – and one which Western audiences grew increasingly hungry for. Fortunately, the picture is now widely available and more than capable of sating the appetite of action horror lovers looking for a jolt of chaotic yet intelligent storytelling.

As with many modern-day train journeys, the experience is fraught and filled with tension, unique personalities are plentiful, and there are very few places to hide. Pairing savage and claustrophobic sequences with deft social commentary (the diverse lineup of characters construct a microcosm of Korean society), Train To Busan thrillingly careers towards a nail-biting conclusion. If you thought quiet coach etiquette had gone down hill just wait till you find out what’s waiting in first class.

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