31 Days Of Fear: Tenebrae


Shock Factor

by Brody Rossiter


Combining horror, mild eroticism and a distinctly colourful aesthetic, Italian giallo cinema would become one of crime and horror storytelling’s most exuberant and controversial outlets. Widely considered the godfather of giallo, Dario Argento committed many a murderous mystery to celluloid, and despite interest in the genre waning as the 21st century approached and a more uncompromising style of horror took precedence, this didn’t stop the celebrated director from dreaming up an unforgettable slasher movie infused with giallo flourishes.

Inspired by a series a threatening phone calls the director received from an obsessed fan, Argento’s stark vision of a near future Rome, focuses upon an American novelist and his interaction with an unknown killer that draws upon the writer’s books for inspiration when dispatching victims.

Packed full of themes ranging from the duality of man to deviant sexuality, while also boasting wonderfully stylish visuals and a pulsating synth soundtrack, this video nasty proves that slasher films can be as stunning as they are shocking.

This piece was originally part of HeyUGuys’ “The 80s Greatest Slasher Films”

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